Visual identity


Gatineau's logo is its official signature, the unique graphic representation used to officially identify the municipality. It was designed to be adaptable to different reproductive modes, easy to recognize and distinctive, and at the same time attractive in terms of the message it conveys to investors as well as current and potential residents.

What it represents

The main form symbolizes gathering, depicted by a stylized G, encompassing the territory in one movement. The three wavy forms represent the rivers intersecting the city from west to east and from north to south. These three elements, combined with the green ribbons separating them, are reminders of the five original municipalities that formed the new city: Aylmer, Buckingham, Gatineau, Hull and Masson-Angers. The blue evokes clear water and air, and the green is for nature, growth and safety.

Downloading the logo

Different versions

Web version

Guide on graphic standards

Notre identité visuelleThe mandate of the guide on graphic standards is to set out the rules for the proper use of Gatineau's visual identity. These rules not only help create homogeneous graphics for the different communications tools, but also to project a corporate image. Thus, this work serves as an essential reference guide to the correct application of these principles.

Download the Guide des normes graphiques (in French only)

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